Friday, July 5, 2013

Detroit...the last stop

My last week in the US was a restful one met with many good friends, good food and a couple surprises along the way.  Michigan pretty much rained the duration of my stay, but I had a couple of good hours each day to sit out on the porch with Fiyero and look for dear in the backyard.

On Wednesday, Dayna and I cooked 3 out of 4 courses of a meal she was preparing for her sister-in-law.  We made homemade turkey chili, macaroni and cheese from scratch and chocolate chip heath bar cookies.  The night was filled with a lot of laughs, some delicious pizza and a bunch of tom foolery.  To my knowledge the food turned out well despite the wine, bourbon and heavy eyeballing of ingredient measurements.

mmm...cookie dough

Thursday, I got to have breakfast with my Aunt Jackie, spend the day with my grandmother, see my grandfather, say hello to my old friend Elias' brothers Big Boy and spend some time with my extremely pregnant friend, Kelly. (Kelly, you can thank me later for not posting the photo of your giant pregnant belly - she's having twins)

The fish flies are in season in Saint Clair Shores...gross
Saturday, I got together with Jeanne and her family.  We started off the day at Senate Coney Island (of course) with some saganaki, chili fries and avgolemeno soup.  Then capped off lunch with ice cream cones from Top of the Cone. Since I don't have children, yet, I forgot how messy they can be.  Eli got more ice cream on his shorts, than in his mouth, thank goodness there was  fountain to rinse him off in because then we went to the bar.  Yes, the bar. Our friend, Robb, from elementary school (for me) and junior high (for Jeanne) was having lunch with another friend of ours, Vince.  So, we crashed their mandate before retreating back to the Senate...again.

On our way back, Eli got to splash through EVERY puddle in the parking lot.  He has the best mom EVER!

At the Senate, I got to meet Jeanie's other two daughters, Evelyn and Amelia (Bedelia).  We fooled around a bit and played a little golf too.

Saturday, my Aunt Kate and I practiced for my France trip by eating Frog Legs.

Frog legs and snapper tacos at The Sardine Room, in Plymouth
Then I went to Saline to visit my father and supervise my step-mother's graduation party preparation. I finally closed the night with a trip to an old stomping ground, Ricks Cafe in Ann Arbor with Tim and Justin to celebrate Rich's 40th birthday and the loss of my dignity and youth.  I must be getting old because I was not carded and the doorman just assumed I was there for the party.  Maybe its because I was wearing a seersucker blazer to a college bar, LOL. Ugh, I forgot to take pictures. I'm horrible.

Sunday, I took a road trip to crash the Marthaler Family reunion in Colon, Michigan (the magic capital of the United States).  His niece and nephew took us for a ride on the boat, we played cards, I attempted to learn how to play cribbage and experienced what its like to hang with a giant family. It was absolutely lovely.  

 My birthday was outstanding. I got to spend the entire day with my mother shopping and relaxing and then some of my favorite people stopped by for cake and ice cream.  Dayna, Kristy, Jen(nay), Linda, Barb, my Aunt Jackie and my mother, of course. I'm not sure how I didn't think to get a picture of everyone or the delicious cake...perhaps I was distracted by my mother's Ukelele serenade. Linda also brought treats from Shatila bakery in Dearborn, yum...

Off to Paris!!!! Au Revoir...

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