Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Friends...

I am tremendously grateful for all of my friends' suggestions and e-introductions to other travelers in Paris.  Quyen passed along a super rad, artsy, ex-lawyer friend of hers that is exploring Paris for 3 months.  She has a super awesome blog of visual stimulation that I am deficient of delivering.  For those of you that are dying to experience the amazing food and scenery, check out her blog at . It is incredible and has beautiful photos of food and architecture that she has found on her trip.

I knew she and I would be fast friends when she also showed up unshowered and sweaty to our friend date.  We shared a beef filet and a goat cheese/eggplant delicious thingy.  Afterward, we went on the hunt for ice cream, but every ice cream shop in St. Germain des Pres (sorry Janet Jackson) was met with a mile long line.

Emily and Sarah's first date....LOL
 Obviously, I'm not going to bed without a treat and I rode my damn Velib bike 3 miles each way and deserved a treat.  So, I stopped at the Eiffel Tower for a raspberry sorbet which I ordered in FRENCH! "ju vous dre un las glaces frambois"  BOOM!

Raspberry sorbet, oui!
These Frenchies amaze me every day.  Its usually simple stupid stuff like high-heeled sneakers on a business woman or the ability to hold up your normal sized head on a toothpick body or seriously, the most beautiful architecture at EVERY TURN on EVERY STREET.... but today, those Frenchies outdid themselves.  After the amazing Bastille Day spectacular firework show, they lit her up like a multicolored Christmas tree.  She was absolutely stunning!

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