Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Paris - Week 1 continued

This is truly a week for exploration. Unfortunately, I am not getting as much writing done as I had hoped.  Don't get me wrong, I am writing, but only 2-3 hours every other day or so....but its hard to stay focused with so much to do and see.

For instance, Sunday was free museum day in Paris, I had to take advantage of that! So, I decided to walk along the left bank of the Seine until I got to the Museum d'Orsay.  Here's a view from that walk... apparently, there are Velib bikes you can rent for 1/2 hours at a time (like in Nashville), but I never did find a bike kiosk, so I walked....about 10K.

Selfie in front of the Seine

The Grand Palace
 Along the way, I found this "playground" on the river bank.  It had stacked balance beams for children to teeter across and a food vending house, but the tables housed built in checker, chess and backgammon boards!

Best. Picnic.Ever.  What more do you need?  Meat, cheese, bread, more cheese....done. Unfortunately, they didn't see me or invite me to join them.

More boards at the playground, how fun (NOT). And a Teepee.
 It was FREE MUSEUM DAY in Paris.  It's the first Sunday of each month.  Amazing museums such as the Louve and Museum d'Orsay, Musee National du Moyen-Age etc are all gratis!  However, what I found was that after touring the Orsay for 3 hours, I was art'ed out.  So, I only saw one.  But I think I picked the best one it was filled with dozens of Monets, Renoirs, Van Goughs, Degas and so many sculptures, it was incredible.

Orsay clock overlooking the Seine

Breaking the rules....I took a photo inside!
My favorite piece, actually, was not anything you have heard of probably. It was an amazing mixed marble statue by Louis Ernest Barrias called La Nature Se Devoilant a la Science.  It was carved in 1899 out of white and a twirling rusty red colored marble, it was absolutely incredible.  I have no idea how he combined those two pieces of marble since I am not a sculptor, but I can completely and wholly appreciate its beauty. I tried to follow the rules and not take a photo, so I've stolen these courtesy of Al Gore's glorious invention, The Internet.

La Nature se la Devoilant a la Science, 1899
Images courtesy of Google Images
After the museum I decided to check out Saint Germain des Pres to see if Janet Jackson might be visiting....ha ha ha (Get it?? Jermaine Dupri).  But what I found was another late 80's-early 90's phenomenon....ROLLERBLADERS everywhere.  There were thousands of rollerbladers speed skating through the street. They were escorted by police vehicles and rocking out their skates with pure pride.  This was not a joke, not a pub not at all, these people still rollerblade!!!!

Next, I found myself at the love lock bridge.  Tradition states that you bring a pad lock to this bridge with your lover and write both of your names on it, lock it to the bridge and throw the key in the Seine with a kiss. Its suppose to lock up your love forever, or as long as the lock lasts I guess.  There have been several movements in Italy and Germany and Paris (most recently in 2010) actually to remove the locks due to weight or rust, or aesthetic displeasure, but they have remained anyhow.

Obviously, I did not put a stupid lock on the stupid bridge because I don't have a stupid lover.  blurg.  But I managed to contribute a few selfies for all of you as I was throwing up in my mouth of disgust, self pity and just plain jealousy.  Next year, people, next year.

Look at me, I'm so happy to be by other peoples hopes and dreams....
Time for lunch to wash away the sour taste of jealousy.  Italienne salad and wine (of course, because it is STILL cheaper than water). My salad was delicious except they filled the tomatoes with something gross. I'm not sure if it was crappy ass pate or anchovies, but that aside, the rest of the salad was good...especially the wine and free wi-fi.

It had been a long day and I had decided that I had earned an ice cream cone, so I went back home near the Trocadero where I saw children playing in the moss filled fountain....gross.  It was such a beautiful day and it was hot as shit so I tried not to judge...not that hard, I was totally judging.  Fuckin' gross.  I was in no mood for ice cream now, all I wanted to do was spray those kids with a power washer.

Remember the days when slimy shit didn't gross us out?
My last stop for the day was at the Mona Bismarck American Center for the Little Black Dress exhibit. OMFG, this was a prissy girl's dream.  The dresses were amazing! I wanted to try them all on, touch them, smell them, anything.  I had entered this exhibit mostly for Sabrina since her knowledge of fashion and her blog,, are far superior to mine. I was totally in awe though.  Thank goodness I am not rich or I would have a closet full of dresses I could only wear once.

Hello Prada, Marc Jacobs and Comme des Garcons!

Ohne Titel, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Prabal Gurung, Lanvin, Gavenchy, Balenciaga, Proenza Schroader and Zac Posen, you'll do.
  It's nice to meet you Pierre Cardin, Stephen Burrows, DVB, Stella McCartney Chado Ralph Rucci, Calvin Kleine, Givenchi, Dolce and Gabbana, Stella McCartney, Donna Karan, Norma Kamali and L'Wren Scott

Miss Vera Wang, Cushnie et Ochs and Giambattista Vallie if you're nasty.

Well if you must, Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Yves, Ulyana Sergenko, Chanel and Oscar de la Renta

Mr. Ralph Lauren is a haute mess!

And genius Tom Ford tops off best in show....LOVED THIS ONE
There were more dresses by Ralph Lauren, Galiano, Chanel, Salvador Dali, Mariano Fotuny Balenciaga and Azzedine Alaia and also an amazing Valentino that was donated by Ms. Anna Wintour, herself.

 Oops, I forgot to get an ice cream.  Guess a Nutella + Banana crepe will have to do. Bon Appetite!

And, I'm not going to just take it home and eat it alone like a loser... I heard live music playing at the Trocadero so I went to see what all the fuss was about. There was a gentleman there playing the guitar and serenading the audience with his rendition of Pretty Woman, which did not include the correct words...but he tried real hard.  I had to leave when he said how about some Bob Marley....seriously, doesn't anybody know a BM song other than No Woman No Cry.  I'm outta here. Where is my Redemption Song....?

Live music at the Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel Tower
 The next day it was time to run some errands and get more exercise.  Hey Santa Monica is Paris' version... slightly smaller but way more fashionable.  Ok, that counts for my exercise for the day.  No, I did not rest on the way up...nor did I push anyone down. I did honestly think about it though.  She was 4-5 and was messing around and totally deserved it, but I didn't do it.

I spoke French today, legitimately. I went to the post office to request 15 postcard stamps (wink wink) ALL IN FRENCH!!!

I have been criticized for not showing any French pastries on my blog.  So, here you go.  The macaroons were delicious.  Julie Duncan, I think of you every time I eat one.

I feel like there is a theme here. Wine plus writing.  Either my book is going to be stellar or complete shit, either way I will dedicate portions of it to my shitty luck with men and my stellar luck with French wine.

My "work" station

This guy had a long day.  I approve of his nap technique and even more so of his "eye mask"  Well played, good sir, well played.


  1. I like that guy's faith in humanity that no one will stab him mid nap.

    "La Nature Se Devoilant a la Science" is one of the most amazing sculptures i've ever seen. I think it's in at least 5 pieces... The red marble dress is the base.. the feet is either one or two pieces.. the outer drapery is an amazing piece.. the upper torso is another piece and the hair is another. Really jaw-dropping.
    Thanks for sharing!!! Sorry to hear about your loneliness. ...Try telling people you're from Canada!

  2. Salut Emily! Aimez le blog, garder les histoires à venir! Im très fiers de vous et de votre esprit aventureux! Mlle vous! Love, Erin

  3. Hello Emily,
    I just want to make a correction.
    It is not "Louve" but "Louvre".
    Bonne Continuation