Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dear Future Husband...

Dear Future Husband,

I know you are frantically searching for me, but hide and seek makes it much more fun, right?  I just wanted to let you know that THIS is happening.  I found this store,, that uses different color translucent tapes to create a plaid design on the wall.  THIS will be done to our house....possibly in multiple rooms.  Yes, you do get a say, but I probably won't listen to it (so just agree). Suck it up.  Accept it.  This is happening.

Room decor is from autour d'uncanape, (but I'm only interested in the wall covering)
The wall tape is from BHV at Rouge and Plie (wink wink)

I do like this fun piped couch too though...but mostly the wall behind it.
Oh, and while I am pre-decorating my our future home...  THIS is also happening.  I really, really like these pillows and they should also be budgeted for.

pillows from autour d'uncanape
Oh, and if we end up getting carpeting, you are allowed to choose the color....from this palette.  Ladies in the US, please take note of how the Parisians do carpet swatches, waaaaay cooler than the American 3x3 squares, right?  OMG, I would like a puff ball color swatch rug.

I will probably love you as much as this wall treatment some day... Now, count to 100 and I'll see you soon, hopefully.  xoxox

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