Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pitstop to Detroit...Columbus!

While driving from Nashville to Detroit, I passed through Kentucky.  However, I either missed the "Welcome to Kentucky" sign or there wasn't one.  I wouldn't be surprised if I just missed it since I was rocking out hard core to the Disney Lion King song, Hakuna Matata!

Then, while entering Ohio, through Cincinatti, (I swear there was no sign).  So, I snapped a pic of the city as I was coming up over the bridge between states.  Today was an epic fail.

Two hours later, I made it to Columbus to see Sabrina, Cooney and Sir Charles Barkey.  Per usual, they did not disappoint.  I arrived Friday evening to an amazing dinner on the patio.  Cooney cooked chicken, rice and corn on the cob and we finished off the meal with ice cream sundaes and laziness on the couch since we had a big day planned for Saturday...

The next morning, we kicked off the weekend with the Columbus Gay Pride Festival! (Shocking, I know, based on previous posts)

Complete with Drag Queens...

Dykes on bikes...

Marriage equality - Ohio 2014...

Dancing boys...

...and out and proud military

I'm so glad that Columbus has a parade.  There was a pretty great turnout of people that came to watch.  I was bit in the ankle by a ferocious spider (probably), so I took a Benadryl and a 3-hour midday nap to recover.

That evening, Sabrina and Cooney took me out for a very nice dinner.  They sure know how to treat a an unemployed, homeless deadbeat!  We capped off the night at Yogi's with some cocktails to which Kelley joined us about an hour later and Cookie joined the fun 2 hours (and 8 minutes) late.

Sunday, we had a super relaxing day at Kelley's pool where Water Jesus showed us that he can not only walk on water, but also sleep on water without drowning. Amazing!

Cookie capped off a lovely trip with mint cookie Blizzards from DQ.  Thanks Cook!

On my way home to Detroit, there was no way I was going to miss the Michigan welcome sign...even if it was 10:30 at night.

I must say, it sure is good to be home... Michigan in the summer is the best!

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