Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Historical preservation: Nashville

Today, Andy and I went to see some of Nashville's greatest historical achievements, the Parthenon and the preserved plantation, Belle Meade.

Having been to the real Parthenon, I was ambivalent to seeing this, but I was actually surprised.  The preservation of the original structure, not its current form, was actually quite detailed.  On the interior, they had castings of how the statues actually look today and describe the elaborate recreation techniques and references they used to identify the Gods identities and likenesses.

The Nashville Parthenon

The actual Parthenon from my visit in June 2010


If Austin is all about original murals and graffiti greatness, Nashville is about sharing life-sized replicas with their community.

Athena in the Parthenon
Giant microphone in Music Row
Locomotive in Centennial Park
Fighter plane in Centennial Park
The second half of the day, we went to the old horse plantation, Belle Meade.  Belle Meade was the breeding house for Bonnie Scott, a stud who established a line of thoroughbred winners such as Secretariat, Seabiscuit, Smarty Jones and Barbaro.

Our tour guide was incredible.  If you go there, ask for Linda, she's the best there is.  Her accent is hilarious and she is super bubbly and plays her plantation character well.


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  2. ah, sorry. I post date the blogs. I've already left Nashville.