Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Austin's a DRAG

Not knowing very much about Austin when I got here, I didn't really know what to expect.  Here is what I knew....John lived there, there was a big music scene and a big art scene - a recipe of ingredients that could only lead to awesome...

My first 24 hours were not what I had expected at all.  No, I did not expect cowboys to be moseying all about, but what I found was not at all what I had prepared for.  John and I had a lovely TexMex dinner at Cantina Laredo where I instructed the waiter to "bring me his favorite dish as long as it didn't have shellfish in it - no, no fish tacos, either." He did not fail me. I have no idea what I ate but it was a chicken breast covered in cheese and colored peppers.  yum.  After dinner, John and I headed to the gay bars where we were greeted with drag shows at not one bar, but two!


Apparently, Cupcake was having a "White Trash Summer Bash" drag show and the "girl" dressed as Britney Spears had the same outfit on as me... except *HERS was a costume, she was much skinnier than I and SHE WAS A MAN.  She made me pull up my shirt for the photo and bitch made me look like a cow by turning sideways and sucking in!

We ventured out to 3 gay bars in total, Best. People. Watching. Ever.  Time for bed, I have a busy day planned for office, bank, boating!

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