Sunday, June 9, 2013

Holy Painted Desert, Batman...

On my way to Austin, I decided to make a couple of detours since it is approximately 16 hours away from Phoenix.  My BFF's husband recommended I go to the Painted Desert and Petrified forest in Northeast Arizona.  This detour added 2 hours to the trip, but it was well worth it.

I also went to the Petrified Forest that contains the remains of the Triassic Period.  Basically, the area flooded all of the trees and carried them through the land and covered them with sediment for millions of years, that sediment is made up of agate, amethyst, and other gemstones.  So, when mountains lifted and erosion occurred they were exposed.  They look like multicolored gemstone discs encased in bark. They are incredible!  

No, I did not steal any. I read the sign and followed the rules :)