Monday, June 10, 2013


Honestly, I was not looking forward to the 11 hour and 22 minute drive from Albuquerque to Austin Texas.  I had been warned that it was monotonous and full of prairies and nothing to see.  However, I quite liked this drive, it actually went by fairly quickly.  It may be because I started at 8:30am and I was wide awake and ready to meet my new home.  The first 7 hours were actually a breeze.  Although the beginning of the trip was very dry and yellow, as I progressed through Texas it got more lush and hilly, even.


The drive was sunny nearly the whole way with exception of when I actually stopped to pose with the "Welcome to Texas" sign.  Since selfies are getting a little too common on this blog, I switched it up a bit by entertaining the drivers by with a little boot show.


About 9 hours in, I started to get bored and a little tired.  It could be the result of the sliders I consumed at BJ's in Lubbock, TX.  So, I drank half a 5 hour energy, then came across more wind mills!  I knew I loved Texas when I saw a sign for Sweetwater, TX boasting that they are the "Wind Energy capital of North America"!!!  How Palm Springs let that title slip is beyond me, but nevertheless, it was exactly the boost I needed to power through another 3 hours....

What came next was amazing....brilliant even....possibly a little fate coupled with luck.... Oh Austin, I love you because you're fun and weird and hot and unexpected... here is a little'll have to read up tomorrow to get the full FABULOUSNESS of my first 24 hours in Austin.

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