Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nashville: Monday Funday

I spent all day Monday writing.  I found an amazing little coffee shop through a recommendation of my friend, Victor.  Victor, in my opinion, knows the greatest eateries in the entire world.  He is a major foodie and has not failed me yet in LA, Vegas, Austin or Nashville! (He's the one that recommended Uchi in Austin).  The coffee shop is called Barista Parlor.  It is the perfect setting for work.  Almost every table has an outlet to plug in your computer and the wi-fi is strong and uninterrupted.

I actually sat outside in a little covered area.  Since I had just gotten here on Friday night, I was still excited about the muggy weather.  Excited is a bit of a stretch 6 days later...  There was a super attractive guy sitting next to me.  In my defense, I thought he was cute before I heard him speak...yes he ended up having an accent.

Dealbreaker #1: his name was Paul....same as my brother and my father.
Dealbreaker #2: He forgot to talk to me.
It was probably because I looked like this....

**Note to self: Next time, try, at least a little to look good.
Monday night, Andy and I went to trivia night at Pourhouse.  Now, my Culver City friends, Steve, Gary and Ross can attest, I am the worst at trivia.  I talk myself and others out of the correct answers, even when I have suggested them.  However, not this time.  Andy and I killed it.

Hoff Hearted: Mitchell's Rule!
There were only 2 of us and the other 5 tables had 6-8 people at them.  Now, I would have made our team name "Mitchell's rule" since that is our family motto.  But, instead, Andy submitted "Hoff Hearted", which ended up being quite funny. (Go ahead, say it out loud.  Its not funny until you say it out loud once or twice).

Anyway, we ended up winning first place with 106 points - with the fewest team members, I might add!

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