Saturday, June 8, 2013

Phoenix or bust...

Friday, I drove from Hermosa Beach (LA) to Phoenix as the first part of my road trip. I was all packed and ready to go by 1:30.  So, I packed up the Ford Edge for an unFORDgettable road trip!

Had I actually mapped out the trip prior to getting in the car, I would have realized I had to drive through Palm Springs and not San Diego.  This was a bitter sweet realization as I couldn't stop in to see (a pregnant) Lauren and LeeJ.  However, it did mean I got to drive through my happy place, Palm Springs.  These windmills absolutely take my breath away every time I pass them. It was a lovely send off.

 And finally, after sitting in traffic for 90 minutes, then trekking another 6 hours - I made it to Phoenix.

I met up with my friend, Rob who put me up in a super lavish pad in Scottsdale and then bought me dinner at The House Brasserie.

The House Brasserie was incredible!  The service was stellar and the history of the house was something to be noted as well. It was the second oldest house in Scottsdale, built in 1939 and the originally family that owned it planted one of their Christmas trees in the backyard 70 years prior and it is now a GIANT pine tree sheltering the patio from the harsh AZ sun.  Its quite incredible.  We had the burrata as an appetizer and the most amazing chicken risotto ever!  We capped off my 14 hour jaunt in Phoenix with breakfast and brewskis as OHSU Eatery and Brewery with Rob's friends, Dave, Holly, Becky and Aaron.  Good times, thanks Ru!  Cheers!

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  1. Was great meeting you! Looking forward to following your travels and blog! Stay "safe"! xo