Monday, June 17, 2013

Nashville Pool: The time of my life

Ha!  Day one in Nashville consisted of breakfast at the Farmer's Market, a walk through Bicentennial Park and a full day at the pool.

Bicentennial Park has a really cool map of Tennessee on the ground.  Andy and I discovered a must-see city that I'll have to stop in on my way out of town.  Mitchellville or bust.

Andy has collected quite the crew of friends.  They are funny and youthful and are genuinely good, fun people.  While at the pool today, I convinced them that they should try the Dirty Dancing Move which resulted in (literally) hours of laughter, failed attempts, and actually a few successes.  The best of which was my brother, playing the role of Baby.  Unfortunately, we didn't get that on video, but 2 videos of him playing Johnny Castle. (boo, the upload won't work, sorry)

Capped off the night at Rebar, Red Door and Blue Bar.

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