Saturday, August 10, 2013

Last night in Barcelona

The girls and I had a lovely night on Thursday in Barcelona.  The girls went up to Tibidabo to go to the amusement park while I sorted out my iPhone troubles at the police station, apple store and made a run to the post office.  Afterward, we met up around 7:30, showered up and headed to 4 Cats for dinner.

 It was delicious.  For starters we had cheese and apple ravioli and a bottle of Rose Cava (sparkling wine).  For dinner, we had cod with ratatouille, lamb with potatoes and steak garnished with cherries and eggplant.  They were delicious.  Finally, good food in Barcelona.

Cod with amazing creme sauce and ratatouille

lamb with potatoes

steak with cherry puree and eggplant

 For dessert, vanilla mousse with almonds....

We decided to toast off my iPhone with shots.... adios iPhone... thank God I have an iPod touch....the camera is shit, but I can still connect to wifi and text!  Cheers Bar was killin' it with live music again...

when the bar closed at 3, the girls walked me home so I could pack and headed out to a club called Apollo.  I was not sorry I stayed home.  I was tired and drunk and when the girls got home, I was DEFINITELY glad I didn't go.

On their walk back home, a man unlatched Elisabeth's watch mid-stride.  fortunately, it was one that required slipping over the arm and she caught him mid-pick-pocket.  Then, not 3 seconds later, a second man launched himself at Randi and knocked her to the ground.  He began wrestling her for her purse but she remained latched on to it like a crocodile.  Elisabeth, the viking, ran over and picked up the pint-sized assailant and midget tossed him off of Randi in a heroic feat of adrenaline fueled strength. The girls collected themselves and walked off as the thief sauntered off in the other direction as if nothing had happened.  Fuck Barcelona.  Everyone is fine, no one was hurt, other than the thief's pride most likely.

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