Wednesday, August 7, 2013

F U Barcelona!

Today, a pickpocket stole my iPhone 5 with ALL of my Barcelona photos.  There will be no update on Barcelona.  We will pretend stupid ass Barcelona never happened.  Fuck you, you pack of hippy nitwit assholes.  I hate Spain.

Seriously, there was a guy wearing fucking harem pants right in front of me and I almost took out my phone to take a photo of him to make fun and say, "Harem pants look great on him, what the fuck?" and I didn't and then one of his stupid ass friends stole my phone from my bag.

This is super bullshit since I randomly helped a girl carry a really heavy suitcase down the stairs 5 minutes prior while going into the metro station.  So much for Karma..... 

Here's how it went down. I have been super protective of my bag and phone all week long.  I put my bag on our table at lunch or dinner and put my bag on my lap at other times.  Today, I had it under my arm on the metro and the escalator stopped so I swung it around and started walking up the escalator. Then, I felt something (my earbuds) hitting my knees and saw the hippy assholes in front of me start running...except now there were 3 of them, not just 2.  I thought the train was coming so I ran too, then looked down to see what was hitting the back of my knees and it was my earbuds. They fucking stole my damn phone.  And, I was too lazy to upload the photos I took yesterday so all of Barcelona is gone.

The good news is that I had my French SIM card in there and the data and voice were expired so you can only use it with wifi.  The bad news is that since it can only be used on wifi, I can't wipe or trace the phone. I lost all of my photos and I had to change all of the passwords on my email, facebook, twitter, instagram, banking and google plus accounts since I had apps for all of them on my phone.

The super bad news is that I think I also accidentally threw away my US SIM card when I got rid of my black purse. I had put it in the zipper pocket for safe keeping.  FML!  Horrible luck in Barcelona, get me out of here.  The food is not that great anyway.

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  1. So sorry, Em! At least they can't take away your memories... those hot policemen are the silver lining. xoxo