Friday, August 16, 2013

Copenhagen by night....

Copenhagen is Amazing...
Lets start with the city itself.  It's VERY friendly.  You can't pronounce any of the street names, but it's generally easy to get around using a map and they have created 4-5 pedestrian streets that house hundreds of shops and restaurants.

Rundetaarn (Round Tower)
These people love busts.  There were busts everywhere!

So, I have a confession to make. We went to all of those places, but I don't remember what a single one was called.  The Dutch language is so hard to understand, I just kind of phased out and took in the beauty.  You can be assured, most of them were churches or government buildings...sorry.  FAIL.

I may have failed at daytime sightseeing, but I excelled in Copenhagen nightlife with the help of my trusty sidekicks, Anosha, Kara and Bron (not pictured because she's a day-walker and couldn't come out until later).

Off to Fashion week.
Kidding.  Here's Bron, too.

We took a detour on the way to our fashion week party.  What?  They rolled out grass in the streets and had a fashion show.  Then, all the Danish people grabbed beers and camped out on the grass.  Another surprise, some chick got on the mic and started singing to an electro backup DJ.  Boom.  That happened.

Impromptu street party
I'm here, bitches!

And the people came...

The chick on the mic might have "sang" 5 words per song, lol.
OMG, i love this place.  Animal print skinned ciders!

Giraffe, check. 
Leopard, check....drunk.
We went to the fashion week party, but we were late and missed the fashion show.  Oops.  We attempted to dance, but those damn Danish people just stood around not dancing, so we retreated to Siemans and partied until the wee hours.

Note to Siemans, techno music + strobe lights + fog machine + dance floor  + drunk people = bad idea. This is a horrible idea for many reasons:
1. The strobe lights could have induced seizures
2. You can't see with the fog or hear with the decibel level of the music (which I didn't mind)
3. The fog might have been okay once every 15-20 minutes, but every 3 minutes is a bit of an overkill
4. Wasted people are clumsy, impeding 2 out of 5 of their senses is just dangerous
5. In any other city, this would be an invitation for sexual assault, but the trustworthy culture of the Danish made this moot.

After the club, I needed to pound a hot dog.

OMG OMG, I'll have a skinny one with EVERYTHING on it.

Everything = katsup, mustard, some weird Danish sauce, fresh onions, fried onions and pickles!  Boom!

This happened.  I killed it.
The most remarkable thing about Copenhagen is that it is 100% a bicycle culture.  Everyone has a bike and they ride them EVERYWHERE.  There is a specific bike lane on every street and you are NOT to step in it under any circumstances.  I forgot to get a picture of it, but there were literally 300 bikes in front of the club we went to... both nights!  They all look like they are unlocked, but Danish people only have a locking mechanism on the back tire, so you can't roll it.  If this were in LA, some asshole inlander would have piled them all in his pickup truck and had them resold within 20 minutes.

Trying to experience Copenhagen by day...
We had great intentions of exploring Copenhagen by day, but we really only made it to Kaffe Laboratorie, the farmers market and to the pedestrian shopping streets....

Pitstop at Kaffee Laboratorium

Very, very bad kitty
Yes, I love ice cream. I'm a fat kid at heart.

While shopping, I had to stop at the Games Games store.  They had walls and walls of boardgames. I completely took a minute to embrace my inner nerd.  I LOVE BOARDGAMES!

embracing the nerd...
The largest pedestrian walk street in Europe

These street artists were awesome playing cardboard and strings...and guitars

Check out the Benefit Brow Bar chick's eyebrows!
I did buy a few things in Copenhagen.  My big purchase was new "leather" pants.  They are not really leather, but they look hot!  It will be a chore to find a place for them in my already stressed-out bag, but I will find a place or sacrifice something else.

Copenhagen splurge: NEW "LEATHER" PANTS!
Last Night in Copenhagen

Mexican in Copenhagen???  Ok.

Pictures of me eating never get old!

Danish tacos...

Fashion Week closing party

Anosha and Bron

Love you, Kara

Fancy nails for Fashion Week

It's challenge time!
Emily's Challenge: Find a guy wearing and American athletic team hat and get him to let you wear it in a photo. Easy.
Kara's Challenge: Find a man wearing a belt that is not brown or black and get him to take it off and you take a photo wearing it.
Success: Thanks bro...LA, seriously?
Kara's challenge was more fun since we got to walk up to beautiful men and lift up their shirts to see what color belt they were wearing.  Unfortunately, NO ONE had on an off colored belt except her landlord!

Success: Does this really count since its her landlord?? 
Copenhagen by day to come.... largest chill out festival in the world....canal boat tour...

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