Thursday, August 22, 2013

Copenhagen by day

Copenhagen by day was a much different scene than Copenhagen by night.  Since, the girls and I stay out way to late every night and didn’t leave the house until noon each day, our daylight hours were sparse.  I mentioned that we shopped during the day on Saturday and Sunday we chose to go for a really nice, lengthy brunch before Anosha and Bron left.  

After brunch, Anosha, Bron, Kara and I packed up a couple of bottles of wine and headed to the Stella Polaris.  It was in a really cute park and boasted itself as The Largest Chill Out Festival in the World.  We drank wine, snuggled on a picnic blanket and chatted about upcoming vactions.  

Anosha and I "chilling" out

Bron and Anosha

Emily and Kara getting tipsy...
 When the girls left to catch their flight, Kara and I were left alone without wine. No worries, there were flavored cider vendors everywhere in Denmark. We put down 3 cans of cider each and proceeded to check out hot Danish guys with better hair than us and listened to electro music while getting drunk.

...getting lazy

Super hot Danish guy with better hair than us


About ½ hour past drunk, Kara’s friend Ollie joined us with another bottle of wine….just what we needed.  Wasted.
Drunk Kara is a stalker and took this photo of Mr. hottie, again.

Our neighbor asked us to watch their I went and stole there food and ate it.

Killed it.  Wasted.

 Kara and I capped off our amazing rendezvous weekend with a birthday sushi dinner at Sticks n Sushi.

OK, honestly, I was feeling like a bit of a turd for not seeing any of Copenhagen, so I decided to jam it all in my last 4 hours in the city with a Canal Tour.  I was able to see Hans Christian Andersen’s house, the Opera House, the colorful port, the famous Little Mermaid statue, various famous churches and bridges, the parliament building, the royal castle and the sandcastle exhibit all before leaving the beautiful people of Denmark.

The Little Mermaid statue was half the size I had expected.  The tourists were like flies on shit with this lackluster statue
coolest pocket photo ever...

This is the port where they build and install ship masts.

Royal Palace.  They raise the flag on the house where the family member is currently staying.  Hello, prince.

My favorite story from this tour was about this tower.  The staircase to this tower was designed with a giant flaw.  It is actually backward.  Although it is beautiful, it is incredibly difficult to defend.  Since the staircase runs counterclockwise, if you were defending the tower from the top, your sword would hit the wall and not enable you to swing through.  Legend has it that the architect was so embarrassed by this that he threw himself off of it. It’s a very dramatic story, although untrue.

Sand sculpture festival

more sand sculptures...
 Copenhagen by day….done!

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