Friday, September 13, 2013

Last night on Ios....mayhem.

Oh man, for those of you that know me well, you know that I suck at drinking.  I'm a 2-3 drink chump. Well, I committed to having (and photographing) one drink in each bar on my last night in Ios.  What it turned into was several drinks in each bar and me being a sloppy mess.  Enjoy....

Astra: An amazing bar owned by Sinead and Jani.  Their bar is well known for taking great care with each fruity cocktail they produce. Sure they still have beer, Fernet, Jagermeister and North, but you are remiss if you choose anything other than one of their specialty muddled fruit cocktails.  My drink of choice is the Watermelon Splash.

First Drink at Astra, Watermelon Splash

Ah shit, shots with the DJ. North for me, Fernet for Elisabeth and Jani
Next stop, Coo Bar: Coo Bar is our pick-me-up bar.  We almost always get revved up with Espresso Martinis made by Danny.  The staff there takes such care in making a quality cocktail, they are truly tied with Astra for the best made cocktails on the rock. Coo Bar's DJ spins a mixture of Rap and R&B which makes me feel at home.  I love it here.  However, my last night out, I had a chocolate martini.

Coo Bar: Chocolate martini

Kyros is my favorite!

Runa, Em and Elisabeth (looking stunning)

That's better, gurrrrl

Oh, oops, I guess I also had half an espresso martini

Elisabeth thuggin' out

I think I'm officially drunk here... shit 5 bars to go.

lovely, Runa.
Elisabeth, keepin' it clean...
Slammer Bar: The third bar we visited was Slammer Bar for the obligatory shot.  There was no way in hell I was going to let Stretch hit me with a hammer, so I just donned the helmet and hopped behind the bar.
Shot of North at Slammer Bar
Oh shit... a second shot of North... wasted.
I'm in my mid-30s, I'm too old for tequila poppers, but she's not.  blech
Bar 4, Circus:  Ah, yes, Circus Bar.  I know this bar too well from my first two romps in Ios.  However, the management has turned over from Pickles to Ben and Johnny et al.  They still play live music (Alex and PJ) so we stayed from 3-4:30 where I collected another Johnny special and 2-3 more shots.

Johnny's Special
Apparently, Elisabeth and I swapped drinks.  Ew, I hate beer, how drunk was I?
This drunk... apparently?  Are these mosquito bites or scabies??

Apple Pie shots with Flynn
behind the bar....

Snuggles with Flynn behind the bar

Snuggles with Ben behind the bar

Elisabeth and Ben deep in conversation

Em and Flynn trying hard to be deep in conversation...I was too drunk to be coherent, I think.

Best. Hair. Ever = Alex
Final Bar, PASH.... dancing, dancing, dancing and indulged in a Pash cocktail.
On to PASH
Is this photo blurry or is it just me?
This "selfie" pretty much sums up the night....

He's probably thinking, "OMG, get away from me"

crowded in a good usual

Snuggles from Erik

Erik and Henni snugglin'

who took these photos?

are you smelling my armpit?

This pretty much sums up the night. do I still have lipstick on?
Last Bar, for real, Rehab:  Hey Niko, fuck you.  I don't care if its my last night.  I'm not doing Fernet.  Enter a full water bottle being dangled over my head.  Empty threat....drip drip.  Fuck you, I hate Fernet....and now, Rehab.  I did the shot and I was fighting rising bile for the rest of the night.

Fernet shot....YUCK
The next morning was expectedly rough. Dry toast only, please. I had said my goodbyes at each bar with snuggles and was time to go to the port and meet Melissa and Yvonne in Santorini.  Today, was the staff end of year party.  They charted a Pirate ship and everyone dressed up as pirates for the day.  I totally wish I were on that boat. I'm sure there are stories that will echo for lifetimes...  I stayed hidden in the cantina though...smooth getaway.

See you next time, Ios.  Love, love, love you dearly

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