Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Corsica....are you kidding me??

So....the big surprise???  HE CHARTED A YACHT FOR US.  OMFG!!!!
Not just a boat, but a 50 foot yacht....just us....and the captain, Ashiel.

Ha! I'm on a boat!

Ashiel, our captain

Climbed a cliff to get a bird's eye view of our boat in Lover's Cove
Holler!  I'm going in!
Good thing I brought my French Flag swimsuit!
Action shot!
peace out, tan lines!
boo.  stung by a jellyfish on my wrist...no, no one peed on me.

24-hours of cruising up the coast.  We did take a dingy to the shore for dinner, though.

Such an amazing surprise! It was the most relaxing thing on the planet.  Just what I needed before heading to the island of drunken sin, Ios, Greece.

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