Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Frankfurt....a strong candidate for permanent residency

I feel like a broken record because I keep saying how much I enjoy EVERY city I go to (except Barcelona).  However, I love, love, loved Frankfurt, Germany.  I loved this city for 4 reasons.
  1. Jette lives there
  2. Its like a mini Chicago.
  3. I got to drink like a local
  4. The food was delicious

The first reason is obvious.  From my previous posts, everyone knows how much fun Jette and I have together.  This trip was no exception.  There are so many inside jokes and future plans that we have drummed up as a result of this rendezvous that my plate might be full for the next 2 years.

The second reason takes a little more explanation.  A mini Chicago – that’s a big statement. However, I think Frankfurt can live up to it through similarities.  First, it has a healthy downtown.  There are not hundreds of buildings in downtown Frankfurt, but there are enough skyscrapers to make it feel like it’s a city, which is unlike anything that I saw in Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona or France.  

Check out the view observation tower of the Helaba building.

Frankfurt is also on a river.  The Main river (pronounced Mine River).  They actually call their downtown area Mainhatten.  See, Germans can be funny.  They have reserved a portion of the banks for the community and house the entire south bank of the river with a row of museums.

There are several little neighborhoods in Frankfurt and the city is speckled with beautiful parks, great shopping, restaurants and even a small zoo. The similarities to Chicago are evident to someone familiar with it, but Frankfurt is dwarfed by Chicago in the same way that Chicago is dwarfed by New York City.  Consider it Chicago Jr.

Similar to Chicago's "Old Town", Frankfurt has a homey little village square called Römerberg.   It has since been restored from its original state built in 1405, but its an exact replica of the original plans.

And some large art pieces throughout the city.  This giant Euro sign is in the Bankenviertel (Banking district).

 Wouldn't you know it.  Frankfurt has a"Love Lock" Bridge too, called Eiserner Steg.  No, I did not put a stupid lock on the stupid bridge because the Universe is evil.  We did recreate this statue though...

Whatever...stupid ass love lock bridges everywhere...
The third reason, I get to drink like a local was actually quite convenient and felt good.  I don’t drink beer thanks to a 40oz of Bud Light that I projectile vomited when I was 16 at Suneil Singh’s house.  So, in general, I always look like a priss when we go to bars in America.  I can never join in on a pitcher or meander the bar with a convenient bottle in hand.  I have to stand in queue each time for a fruity mixed drink or a gin gimlet.  Last year, I adopted ciders because then I could look tough at the bar next to my beer drinking friends, but it still didn’t solve the pitcher or queue problem.  However, in Frankfurt, EVERYONE drinks apfelwein.  Its basically a really sour cider served in a ceramic jug called a bembel.  If you're out to dinner, there is a bembel on every table.  

Bembel of Apfelwein! 
Loving it....nice hair

It feels like the bembel gets smaller as you drink

bottoms up, bitches

I'd like this bembel, please...full of Apfelwein

They even have an Apfelwein festival, which I was coincidentally in town for and entire restaurants that have turned a beer garden concept into an apfelwein garden.  Hell to the yeah!

I've already raved about the food in Germany... currywurst, pretzels and of course Döner Kabab.  However, I would like to add Schnitzel to my list of culinary pleasantries in Germany.  So much schnitzel....and so many potatoes.  For the record, I gained 1.5 kilos (roughly lbs) while in Germany. It should prove awesome while in Corsica and Greece...not.


getting fat and lovin' it 
Oldest bakery in Frankfurt

Pommes with fatty white sauce and fatty chipotle, sure!

Dinner at the Apfelwein Festival
 So, all  of my fingernails are breaking and I've decided its because I have only been eating Schnitzel, wieners and potatoes for a month, so I decided to go to Kleinmarkthalle (a farmers market) for lunch to get some fruit and vegetables.  Apparently, the amount of apples in the Apfelwein are not enough to supply me with the nutrients necessary to function.

Awesome idea to smile when you've had pesto in your sandwich...enjoy!

Most restaurants that we went to in Frankfurt were furnished with community tables, so you made friends with strangers at dinnertime.  My last night, in Frankfurt, we met up with my Aunt Shirley's nephew, Philipp and made friends with the guy next to us. The 4 of us plowed through two bembels full of apfelwein and ate schnitzel...again.  I have to say the convenience of a communal pour and drinking a mainstream beverage is so attractive that I actually considered trying beer again.

Coincidentally met a new friend also named Tobi at dinner. Fatefully weird since "roommate" Tobi stood us up.

After dinner, they thought it would funny to give me a disgusting drink called, Mispel.   Its basically sugar flavored paint thinner that they put a poached peach in and tell you to chew it while you drink to hide the taste of the poison you are ingesting. What the fuck, Germany? You were batting 1000 until this epic fail.

Mispel is a MISTAKE!  Down the hatch Philipp, you tastebudless freak of nature.

My last day, I decided to run some errands.

First on my list, donuts! Frankfurt knows how to make a donut.  OMG OMG OMG.  They even fill donuts with holes here!

Dude, they have donuts with OREOs on them!

this one was filled with Tiramisu!
Snack on the train in Frankfurt...amazing.
Overall, I would say that Frankfurt has made a strong case for swaying me toward permanent residency.  Hey Tobi, Jette said I can live in the 3rd bedroom.  See you in 2014!!!  ha ha ha...

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