Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dear Future Husband....letter #2

Dear Future Husband,

Yeah, stupid Venice has one too - "A Love Lock Bridge".  Theirs is the lamest of the three I've seen, Paris, Frankfurt and Venice.....

No, I did not put a stupid lock, on the stupid bridge. 
I'm almost offended that they are trying to make this bridge a love lock bridge.  First, the railing of the bridge is too thick to attach a lock to.  Second, if you're locking your lock to someone else's lock because yours is too small, what's the point?  Third, just because you couldn't find a space to put your lock on the Paris Love Lock Bridge, it doesn't mean you should start the tradition on any old bridge you can find....

Lame.  This tradition is ruined....don't even think of asking me to do this for real.  We can lock our love to your bank account number and my name permanently imprinted on everything you own.

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