Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tofo, Mozambique, Africa

Tofo (pronounced Tofu) is amazing. Its a small beach town about 350 miles north of Maputo.  Shirley and I headed up on Friday afternoon bound and determined to go snorkeling with Whale Sharks.

Whale Shark (image courtesy of
We drove 7 hours up to Amigo lodge in Tofo.  It was well worth the 700km drive.  The room was spectacular and the view was incredible.

Amazing mosquito netted rooms
Restaurant at Amigo

Breakfast with a view...

I totally sat in a spider web during this photo and was creeped out that there were spiders on me for at least 5 minutes afterward
Tofo Beach view from Tofo Scuba
Indian Ocean off of Tofo, Mozambique, Africa

I made it to ocean #3! 
Fishing boats

Shirley on the beach
Unfortunately, it was too windy to go whale shark diving/snorkeling on Saturday.  The wind was at 16 knots (whatever that means), which is way too choppy to take a boat out and dump a bunch of tourists into the ocean to swim with the world's largest fish (up to 40 ft).  BOO.

Instead, we laid on the beach and got free exfoliating sand blasts from mother nature, met some new friends, Sam, Andrew, Elizabeth and Ronen at Tofu Scuba.  Sam, Andrew, Elizabeth and Ronen are all in the same boat as I.  They recently quit their jobs and decided to travel the world in lieu of the traditional rat race.  Bravo to all of you, good luck and safe travels.  I hope to see you again someday in an equally amazing location. Elizabet and Ronen have an amazing diving blog called,, that is a thousand times more adventurous than mine, you should check it out.

Kite surfers....I didn't try it....I'm on a budget, gimme a break

After the beach, Sam, Shirley and I decided to indulge in libations at a local eatery called, Mozambeat.

Sam (from SF), Emily and Shirley (from Maputo)

Ummm...does the girl in this photo look vaguely familiar.  Hey Drew Barrymore circa 1990, call me.
In the morning, Shirley and I were disappointed again to find out that whale shark diving was cancelled again due to weather conditions. Instead, we went for a walk along the beach to take in some coastal views.  Along the way we saw amazing rock formations, crashing waves and some breaching humpback whales.  It's whale season in Tofo, so all the momma whales are teaching the babies how to come up for air.  We were able to track the whales for about 5 minutes, it was really neat.

Amazing scenery

Long ago dead reefs?

The rocks were porous like dead reefs or something

Straddling a giant crack!
I'm on the edge of the world...literally

Many of you ask for food pics, so here you go.  Here is what we ate in Tofo, Mozambique, Africa

Matapa... a pumpkin leaf soup

Rocket fish, rice and salad

Scrambled eggs, home made peanut butter and toast
Mother fuckin' KFC.  Don't YOU judge ME.

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