Friday, May 9, 2014

Northern Thailand Water Play

Chai Lai Orchid Nature Bungalows ( also organized a day trek through the Mae Wang Mountains and a ride down the river on a bamboo raft.

First, we hiked through rice fields and got a close up view on farming.

Trekking through rice paddies

Liv getting her farm on
Then we hiked over to a waterfall near Mae Wang Mountain.  Kelley and I were the only ones to jump in and it was absolutely FREEZING.  It was not refreshing at all, just painful.

Mai Wang Waterfall
This is a bridge?  Am I supposed to walk across this?

Look mom, no hands..more like no handrails!
It doesn't look cold...

until you're in it.
Faking it… its freezing
Smart cookie, Summer, didn't jump in
Our last stop on our day trip was on a bamboo raft down the river adjacent to Chai Lai Orchid.  We expected a 3ft x9ft raft, but this raft was 2ft x 20ft! It was so long, it did not take the corners well.  Since I was in the back, I got quite a jarring every now and then, but not enough to ruin our awesome ride.  It was so fun and relaxing.  It was an amazing way to wrap up Chiang Mai.

Seriously, you want us to sit on 8 Bamboo sticks!

Summer, Liv and Kelley on the bamboo raft

See ya later!

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