Friday, May 9, 2014

Long Neck Tribe, Northern Thailand

Chai Lai Orchid ( arranged a day trip for us to visit the Long Neck Tribe's Village. The Long Neck Tribe is a group of exiled people from Myanmar who have no rights in Thailand.  They are not allowed to occupy jobs that Thai people could otherwise occupy and thus depend on tourism to maintain their humble lifestyle.

Long Neck Village marketplace

Long Neck woman and girl drying plants
The Long Neck Tribe believes that the beauty of a woman increases with each gold ring she lengthens her neck with.  Girls are fitted with rings at a very early age and they are very heavy.  There are conflicting views about the humanity of such a practice considering the medical strain it buts on the women's collarbones and sternum.  

Summer and Liv with the Long Neck girls
7 rings on a 7 year old
Summer trying it on for size
I've got nothing on this giraffesque beauty - 24 rings!
 They are expert weavers and make most of their money weaving and making jewelry for sale.

Long Neck weaver
One woman was playing the guitar and singing.  She was selling a CD of tribal music.  While she was singing, Summer and I decided to entertain her and her daughter with a dance accompaniment.

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