Thursday, January 16, 2014

I ate you…and I liked it: Part 1

Its funny, I’ve been halfway around the world (literally) and the thing that people are most fascinated with is not the people I’ve met, but what I have eaten.  

Yes, everyone expects amazing breads and pastries from France, killer pasta from Italy and the most amazing Mediterranean dips from Greece.  Amazing culinary creations and dessert treats are nice but most of you were unfazed by my photos of amazing gelato, goopy German fries, Schnitzel, wacky donuts, crepes, amazing fish fillets and impromptu jardon and fromage picnics...


Here is what you really want.  Here is a list of some of the crazy stuff I’ve eaten around the globe.  I imagine this list will look adventurous to some and juvenile to anyone who has traveled to Asia….which is next on my itinerary so the next time I do a food post, you’ll get to see fried bugs  and chicken claws galore.

Hey Mr. Chicken…. I ate you.  We braii'd you right up in South Africa and didn't think twice.


 Hey Kermit…. I ate you and all of your little frog friends.  And guess what? I shared you with Christine and Marie in Paris…Jeremiah Zetty, you were spared by proximity alone. I would sleep with one eye open, I know how delicious Frog legs are.


Oh, and your girlfriend, Miss Piggy, I ate all of her porky little friends too…nomnomnom 

Schnitzel in Frankfurt, A vending machine ham sandwich in France and Curry Wurst in Berlin

Hey Moo Cow…I ate the shit out of you.  Milk, cheese, steaks…you're lucky I spared your tongue in Rome.

 Ba Ba Blacksheep….I ate tons of lamb….

and most of the time I had lamb paired with some kind of goat cheese.  yum yum yum


I've been eating lots of fish.  I've ordered fillets. I have had fish filleted at the table, I've had them in stews and as steaks…but this one….still had eyes and a tail.  It was literally turned inside out.

For those of you deer fans, I've taken it a step further with Kudu, Springboks and Oryx.  I ate a Springboks steak in Swakopmund, Oryx while camping and all three of these fine creatures in Namibia on a kabob.   


The middle piece of meat in this kabob was Zebra.  I felt cool eating it at the time…like I was eating exotic game, but felt bad afterward realizing that it was essentially a black and white horse.  I would not eat horse and specifically made it a priority to NOT eat el Equino in Rome, but alas, I ate a zebra….different, but the same.

Ostriches have the most beautiful feathers and in my opinion, the most delicious meat of them all.  Gilly fried one up in some stir fry, I had an ostrich boerewors with Richie and it was my favorite part of the fabulous kabob in Namibia!

Mystery Meat…puppy? I really hope this wasn't dog.  I was in Ethiopia and there were a LOT of stray dogs around.  It had a weird texture so I asked what kind of meat it was and they said "beef".  I asked if it was "Beef from a cow" and he nodded, but I didn't have another spoonful because I didn't entirely believe him 100%.  I really, really hope it was beef from a cow...

Ethiopian Mystery Meat
And finally, while in Australia, I ate a kangaroo.  Hippety Hop, Hippety Hop…while sitting with a vegan, no less.  hee hee hee.


I gotta say, kangaroo is not my favorite.  It kind of had the texture of sausage meat and was a bit gritty.  I probably wouldn't order it again, but if that was all there was to eat, I definitely wouldn't starve in lieu of eating it.  


  1. Did you eat an Ostrich egg? Tough to stomach and horrendous stench but good. Croc? You're gonna get your game on in Asia for sure! xo